Orchestra and Large ensemble

langue: JP

for: wind quintet and string orchestra
duration: about 15′
commission: Orchestre Dijon Bourgogne
first perfprmance: by the Orchestre Dijon and Jacques saint-Yves,19/04/2012, Bourgogne, Dijon, France

Weather Map
for: 1.1.1./ and vn. vla. vc. cb.
duration: about 12′
first perfprmance: by 19/10/2011 by Ensemble Multilatérale and Kanako Abe, Paris, France

for: Hp. Pf. and strings(
duration: about 8′
first performance: by the orchestre de concervatoire and Pierre Rouiller, 11/02/11 Paris, France

Signet du galaxie
for: orchestra
duration: about 6′
commission: Orchestre de Massy
first performance: by Orchestre de Massy 28/05/09 Massy, France